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History of sword and club

Sword and club were arms fighting self-defence as thai mationlite, which from ancient ever since appoint Sukolthai as royal city came from until as Ratthanagosin city beginning Rama V. Space of time wage var and oppresser or aggressor thai country. Thai man every person much have duty country soldier.Conbine country folader or the Rayal of King have warrior audacious too. In ancient period practice fight art by thai boseing and sword club act together because if fighting by hand tell “thai boseing” if fight by arms said “sword club” fight at two this type use mise gallop together. When fight close up self or make opponentrotten-stanel use thai boseing skill in fight and when far body can use sword club arms which have many king and use method different as:

1. Sword use all chop and stab use in war land plaid.

2. Sword use all chop and stab have weight than sword also use sword one only or sword twin from war plaid land and on the horse.

3. Curve sword is arms use chop and stab canfight space of time age war for far arms fighting on the elephants.

4. Wooden sticks is arms use for hit use fight in pland.

5. Shield is prevent arms appearance is square make from hide.

6. Hand-shield is prevent arms appearance is square make from hide.

7. Oval spaped shield prevent arms appearance round conveceed center,make from hide or rattan or metal.

8. Short sticks is wood piece appeasance square use put were on two hand up use is prevent.

Sword and club are sport prefer on period Rama V at Rattanagosin city on time not war and use new fashioned arms have practice sword and club as to skilled on 1866 year Rama VI take the Royal of son dress her seem child play sword and club show frond at Pharisattanasardse-daram temple combine 4 pair.
Rama VI had sworder and cluber the bestability one priest support compete thai boxing and year sword and club frond seat the Poyal in other party show so that fashion sport in palace and to be wide spread to the perple. Rama X education ministry arrange show sword and club inathletics party on 1917 year by to show Royal king combine 2 time
In 1935 Nai Nark Tephurtsadin nar Ayutthaya is principle at physical education centrlschool test teach sword club first time. Fruituion very to finished. So take in curriculum on 1936 to be until now.
sword club are area indigenous sport which revive and take bring to show at Thng Sanamg Loung at first time on 1939-1940 year. The present have leancl and tech on revel at school is subjectcompel and in very physical education college. Combine have arrange compete by physical education Department and sport thai association in the Royleher priest patronize vey year which contince.

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